Desert Rain Cafe Review

Desert Rain Cafe Review

The Desert Rain Cafe is much more than just another coffee bar — which there are far too many of already! At this unique little cafe, you are invited to sit down, read the plethora of books on the shelves and even “sleep it off” if you desire. There is never any pressure to buy something and you are truly invited to come in, sit down and stay a while. Chances are you won’t know of any other coffee bars quite like this one, which makes it an intriguing place to visit.

The Desert Rain Cafe was established in Leh by the Moravian Church. According to the manager of the cafe, Gogi Singh, the Cafe was originally designed to be a place where students could come and hang out and have access to all types of books they could imagine. If they desired, they could also order food and drinks — but this is not a necessity to visit the cafe.

The idea was created by a lady from America, who not only gave the creative thoughts behind the cafe, but also donated the coffee machine. This machine allows the cafe to serve freshly brewed Arabica beans. Regardless of how hard you may look, the Desert Rain Cafe is likely going to be the only location in all of Ladakh where you can get a coffee that is made in some other manner besides missing milk or water with instant Nescafe powder. If you are a coffee lover and in this area, you will definitely find your Nirvana here.

The food and drinks offered at this cafe are just as creative as they are appealing. You can choose between a Lasi Shake, Shangri-La Apple tea, Lama-yuru tea, Snow Cap Cappuccino and a number of other cold and hot beverages. The food includes eggs, pancakes, sandwiches and all are very affordable. You can get a double shot of espresso for just $0.75 and a huge mug of Americano coffee for just about 10 cents more. By virtually any standards, the food they offer is something you will enjoy and look forward to ordering again and again.

The manager of the cafe, Gogi, stated that customers could stay for as long as they like and read as many books from the well-stocked shelves as they desired. On Saturday evenings, you can even screen a movie at the Desert Rain Cafe. If you like hanging out with friends, there is a good chance you will see a few people you know in this cafe. Thanks to the relaxed atmosphere, you find it easy to strike up conversations with complete strangers, too. The manager also stated they hope to bring in free wi-fi very soon.

There are extremely comfortable chairs and sofas throughout the cafe for customers to relax on, as well as a low rise platform with various carpets if you want to lie down. The installed heating units make it easy to enjoy during the winter months, too.