Phoenix is what comes to mind when most people think about the Arizona restaurant scene. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t lots of other cool restaurants in other parts of the state. Indeed, there’s ample deliciousness to be found within Arizona’s borders. And just you know why, here is a highlight of the state’s dining scene.

1.      Coppa Café

Coppa Café is an awesome restaurant that brings immense flavors to the town of Flagstaff. The European menu is nothing short of outstanding. You’ll find popular dishes such as halibut confit, foie gras, baked meatballs and more. The café provides customers with a delicious lunch menu where they can choose from a variety of brunch dishes.

2.      Core Kitchen & Wine Bar

Housed in the Ritz-Carlton, this is a great restaurant near Tucson, one of the largest cities in Arizona. If you’re looking to experience some top-notch dining, this is the place to be. You’ll love the calming atmosphere and beautiful décor! The meals are also great, plus they have one of the best restaurant service across the state.

3.      Elote Café

Award-winning chef Jeff Smedstad is the owner of Elote Café. Jeff has spent the last one and a half decade traveling to Mexico to learn about their food culture. As a result, he’s proved to create some of the best Mexican foods available in Arizona. All the ingredients sued are local and organic, which perhaps helps the great team at Elote make delicious yet healthy meals.

4.      Binkley’s Restaurant

Binkley is an award-winning restaurant located right out Phoenix’s bustling metropolis. You get a fantastic wine menu and multi-course meals here. The atmosphere is one-of-a-kind. Make sure to try the 4, 5, or 6-course tasting menus.

5.      El Chorro

Going by the mantra, ‘destination dining’, El Chorro is located in Paradise Valley. If you’re looking to take a drive out of the city (Phoenix), this is a good destination. It’s like taking a dining vacation, and it’s well worth it. You’ll love the impressive views of Camelback Mountain, and their extensive menu is a great source list for even the pickiest eaters.

6.      La Stalla Cucina Rustica

Native Italian Antonio Vetrati is the owner of this restaurant, located in Chandler. Antonio has many years of experience working in the New Jersey restaurant scene, and many other places. La Stall is actually his 6th Restaurant (the other 5 are located on the East Coast). If you’re looking for some Italian charm, go to this place and pick something from their fantastic menu.

7.      Romeo’s Euro Café

Romeo’s Café is East Valley’s staple for multiple years. The restaurant boasts awesome Greek food, with a massive menu. You may try out some giant portion sizes, and enjoy the inviting experience. Romeo’s is a bustling hub with loyal customers.

8.      Café Roka

Café Roka is one experience you won’t forget. They’ve got lively music and some very fine dining. Roka is located in Bisbee, South Arizona. The folks at Roka are very big on using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to create unique Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. The staff render an awesome service and their environment is also worth a mention. This one works for all dietary preferences, from gluten intolerant to vegetarians.

If you’re looking to sample the state’s best dining spots without being fixated on Phoenix, try the above restaurants. You’re sure to just love what they have!

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