We are excited to announce we are adding another service to the fictitious Desert Rain Cafe restaurant!  Desert Rain Cafe has teamed up with local long term care assisted living facilities in the Tucson area and will be delivering meals to their long term care residents.  Our service will be offering their residents a variety of healthy food choices which will give their residents a nice treat and change of pace as well as bringing them access to the latest nutrient dense recipes.

There is a shortage of long term caregivers in Tucson and the assisted living facilities are feeling the pinch so so outsourcing some of the meals required for an average 100 resident assisted living facility will give them a much needed sabbatical.  

The theme of business in the 21st Century is specialization and this is an example of outsourcing a service to in this case a food and meal prep expert so the assisted living facilities can focus on caring for their long term care residents.

The Desert Rain Cafe has a Vegas Style catered Sunday Brunch Buffet planned where the resident who are able can actually go choose from a 25 foot long buffet with of course all the breakfast comfort foods of pancakes with real maple syrup, eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, fresh organic coffee, etc.  This cutting edge concept has also been done in other cities around the country and has been a smashing hit.

You might think that this will cost the residents more money… actually not!  It will actually save them money as the current system is very inefficient where they have to pay a higher food cost and the food waste the current system is HUGE.  The private restaurant will of course be much more efficient and offer a better and healthier food product.

Saving money on the assisted living facilities fees is critical for most seniors.  75% of assisted living facilities’ residents are paying out of pocket each month.

This means only 25% or so have a hybrid long term care insurance plan.  The average monthly bill for an assisted living facility is about $5,000 per month which does include room and board. This of course will include the new senior meal program.  The hybrid long term care insurance plan would pay all of those bills and give the residents a relief of that $5,000 bill.

Desert Rain Cafe will be serving over 20 long term care assisted living facilities in Tucson starting this Spring but also will continue to offer our usual three meal services at our restaurants like we have for over 25 years.

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